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Live edge wood slabs for coffee tables, kitchen islands, bar tops, dining room tables, foyer tables, side tables, you name it, we can build it custom, from 4′ to 24′ in length, as wide as 8′ if you need it!  We can deliver and install our custom furniture in Maryland and Virginia.  Ask about our delivery times and costs.  We’re located on the east coast and deliver to Maryland and Virginia!

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Custom Live Edge Wood

We sell single-slab, solid wood, and live-edge slabs for a variety of building projects.  Our Wood slabs can be used for custom home wood installations, or order a custom dining table for your home. At makers woodshop, we carry all different sizes of wood slabs in a variety of different wood species.  

Whether you are looking for custom wood table tops for breweries, Office desks, kitchens, or other home office furnishings, We carry custom wood sizes for all your interior/exterior architectural wood projects. Sometimes we will book-match some slabs if they look amazing combined together. But our focus is on highlighting a single piece of wood that will be the centerpiece of your room or office.

Our Story

Makers Woodshop started about 8 years ago as a dream, a desire to create woodwork that is both beautiful and unique. Something that would not only be pleasing to the eye now, but that would stand the test of time.

Our experience

Built to Last

Responsibly Sourced wood

Our wood is sourced from local stock that would ordinarily be turned into firewood. These are the left-over stumps and trunks that aren’t good for dimensional lumber. They are not simply cut down for their wood, but are trees that have been removed because they were either already down, or in danger of falling. We take the wood that most mills aren’t interested in and use an 8′ wide bandsaw mill to make the products you can see here.

Small Wood Slabs

This is for pieces under 6′ long, made of domestic wood. This usually excludes black walnut, or any other piece that is so pretty that it deserves better. 

Price Range: $280 $500+ 

Medium Wood Slabs

This is for pieces 8′ long This may exclude certain woods, but only if they are one of a kind pieces. For the most part, if its under 8′ it fits here.

Price Range: $500 – $800+

Large wood Slabs

This is for pieces over 8′ long, and can include just about anything. Usually at this length the width is at least 3′. Although for bartops we will cut long logs at 25″ in diameter.

Price Range: $800+

why choose us

real relationships. real furniture.

When we are at shows, people ask us how long it takes to make these tables. It’s a tough question to answer, because it depends on when you want to start the stopwatch. We get these logs from firewood facilities that allow us to pick pieces we think will be interesting, it’s a pain stacking process to find the perfect tree trunk.  Once we find our selections, we then have to truck them to our shop. After that we need to mill it, depending on the size of the tree, it usually takes a full day. Following, we then air dry it for up to 6 weeks before we can bring it to the kiln.

Following the air drying, we then send it to our idry vacuum kiln.  The wood slabs spend an additional month in the vacuum kiln drying out any additional moisture from the wood.  Once finished drying,  we ship it back to our shop to start the finishing process. At that point each slab takes roughly a week of work to get it finished and ready to be put into your home. That amount of time helps develop relationships, between the wood and ourselves, and between you, our client, and the piece we are making for you.  Our process begins with a search and ends with a beautiful table or bar in your home. 

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what our Clients say

Based on 15 reviews.
Wayne Jacober
Wayne Jacober
Great selection of wood slabs . Full service facility from sawmill to finished product . Jon and Jason are great to deal with . Highly recommend 👍
Gail Robertson
Gail Robertson
Great craftsmanship Very helpful friendly
Laurie Zeitlin
Laurie Zeitlin
Our beautiful table was just perfect and exactly what was promised. Jason was hands-on from the beginning of the process til delivery. Any questions were addressed immediately and we were given updates while the table was being completed. I can't wait to serve our first family meal on our beautiful table ! I highly recommend Makers Woodshop and would use them again
Kristi Schulenberg
Kristi Schulenberg
I purchased a piece of Red Maple from Slabba Dabba Do down in Richmond and needed it planed. I found Makers Woodshop and Jason via a Google search. I am SO glad I did. Not just for the services they provide but because of all the beautiful pieces to choose from and the artistry they embody! I'll definitely be back. I can't say enough about how professional Jason was. I arrived at the shop but due to some confusion, Jason thought I was coming the next day. Instead of trying to reschedule, he asked me if I could wait a few and jumped in his truck to head over. He even graciously made it possible for me to wait in the shop (which is AMAZING). When he arrived, he showed me around and then got to making my red maple table beautiful. He and a young man who was working in the shop (I'm sorry, I forgot his name) explained the equipment they were using (I'm a neophyte) and checked in with me regarding the piece until it was just to my liking. Their attention to detail and the price for the services was superb! I highly recommend to all you folks who are into live edge wood working both commercial and recreational to keep your eyes on Jason and his team. It's a great destination!
Bill Jarvis
Bill Jarvis
Can't say enough good things about these guys. Love the desk they created and and it was reasonably priced. Great experience!!
David Palmer
David Palmer
Makers Woodshop did the bartop and tables for my small business. We constantly get a ton of feedback from our customers about how beautiful they all are! Thanks Jason and team!
Chris Maurer
Chris Maurer
Our new countertop looks so good we don’t want to sit anything on that would block our view. The quality of the product is only exceeded by the ease of the process. Jason and his team at Makers Woodshop did a great job installing the countertop and the sink.
Sharon and Len
Sharon and Len
Table is beautiful, functional, and a delight to see and use every day. Craftsmanship and artistry are top notch. Jason was a pleasure to work with.

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