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live edge furniture
Caring for Wood

Live Edge Furniture: How to Take Care of It

Live edge furniture can offer a lot of value for your home. Unlike traditional home furniture, these wood products aren’t mass-produced, so they’re one of a kind. Like all natural wood products they can be damaged without proper attention, so it’s always good to know how to take care of it.   As both art pieces

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wood strength
Quality of Wood

Wood Strength: What Makes Wood So Strong?

It’s important to consider wood strength when choosing a type for your woodworking project. There are different strength properties to consider, too — like compression strength, hardness, and stiffness — each of which will play a role in determining whether a specific type is right for your coffee table, door, chair, or other projects. The

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best wood for a table project

How To Choose the Best Wood for a Table Project (6 Great Tips)

Are you looking for the best wood to create a hardwood dining table that you and your family will love for generations? When you start a woodworking project, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the ideal materials from the very beginning. Choosing the wrong wood species can leave you struggling to complete your

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protect a wood table
Protecting Wood

How to Protect and Seal a Wood Table

You’ve chosen a beautiful statement piece of furniture in your home, and that means you’ll also want to invest the time and energy it takes to keep it looking its best. The right efforts to protect a wood table can make it last a very long time, but careful treatment is key. Careless behavior around

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hardwood vs softwood
Types of Wood

Before Starting Your Next Project, Learn What the Difference is Between Hardwood and Softwood

There is something timeless about woodworking, whether you’re new to it yourself or have been making beautiful wood projects for decades. Regardless of your experience level, you have to know the difference between hardwood and softwood to get started. Knowledge about different wood types has been passed down through generations of craftsmen, giving those who

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table created by makers woodshop

5 Key Tips for Working with a Live Edge Slab

So, you bought your very own live edge slab of wood, and you have big plans for turning it into a coffee table, dining room table, or maybe some floating shelves for your kitchen or a reading nook. Live edge projects create timeless looks that match most decors and styles, meaning the possibilities are endless. 

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