Bass Wood


The Unique Characteristics of Basswood

  • Domestic hardwood lumber valued for being easy to carve
  • Light Color and has a tight grain pattern
  • Excellent wood for carving, instruments and modeling

Also Know As:

American Linden, Tilia americana


Characteristics of Bass wood

Cost $$
Wood Type Hardwood
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 320 - 590
Avg. Weight Per sq³/ft 26 lbs/ft³ (420)
Use(s) Carving, instruments, modeling
Color scale Creamy white in the sapwood to light brown, reddish in heartwood
Moisture movement and Drying Contracts quite a bit while drying. Stable after after drying

About The Bass wood Species

American Basswood, also known as Tilia Americana, is a light, soft, and very easily workable type of wood. Basswood is a large deciduous tree that can easily reach 65 to 130ft in height. In the right conditions, tilia trees can live exceptionally long, with the oldest claiming to be around 2000 year old. Basswood has a very straight and fine grain with an even texture and moderate natural luster. Its color is typically a pale white to light brown color, and having knots and other defects are uncommon. Today basswood is used for carvings of all sizes, puppet making and various wind instruments and guitar bodies.

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