Cherry Wood



  • Domestic  hardwood lumber
  • Rich Red Color and has a tight straight grain, sometimes figured
    and curly
  • Excellent wood for fine furniture, flooring, veneer, cabinets

Also Know As:

Prunus serotina, black cherry, rum cherry and mountain black cherry


Characteristics of Cherry

Cost $$$$
Wood Type Hardwood
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 630 (Density can vary by 20% or more)
Avg. Weight Per sq/ft³ 36 lb/ft³
Use(s) Veneer, Cabinets, Bar tops, furniture, Flooring
Color scale Rich Red, Light Red, Light Brown
Moisture movement and Drying Dries with little distortion or movement

About The Cherry Species

Cherry is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood in America. American cherry, also known as Black Cherry, is found in Eastern North America. The cherry tree can grow between 50-100ft tall. It’s considered a hardwood with a rating just slightly less than Walnut, Oak, Maple and Ash. The heartwood starts out a light pinkish brown when freshly cut and over time and exposure to light darkens to a rich reddish hue with a lustrous patina. Having a usually smooth, straight grain, it may contain figured pieces with curly grain patterns and a fine, even texture with moderate natural luster. It is rated as being very durable and resistant to decay, but not usually used for exterior projects.

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