Cottonwood slabs

  • Domestic hardwood lumber 
  • Light Color and has a varied grain pattern
  • Excellent wood for carvings, toys and furniture

Also Know As:

Populus deltoides


Characteristics of Cottonwood

Cost $$
Wood Type Hardwood
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 410 (Density can vary by 20% or more)
Avg. Weight Per sq/ft³ 28 lb/ft³
Use(s) carvings, toys, crates, indoor furniture
Color scale Pale Yellow, golden brown, light brown
Moisture movement and Drying Dries with little distortion or movement

About The Cottonwood Species

Commonly found in North America and Europe, Cottonwood is a species of Poplar. Deciduous and large, Cottonwoods are some of the tallest hardwood trees, reaching up to 150 feet tall. They are exceptionally tolerant to flooding and erosion, located along rivers, lakers, streams and forests. Prized for their fast growth and adaptability to different soils and climatic conditions, cottonwood is without a doubt, one of the largest hardwood trees found in North America. Cottonwood is relatively light in weight and softer than most hardwoods. The sapwood is pale yellow to nearly white and may contain brown streaks, while the heartwood may be pale-to-light brown. The wood is generally straight-grained to slightly irregular or interlocked and contains relatively few defects.

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