Elm Wood


Elm wood

  • Domestic hardwood lumber 
  • Light and dark color, has a varied grain pattern
  • Excellent wood for Boxes, hockey sticks, furniture, veneer

Also Know As:

Ulmus americana, White Elm, American Elm


Characteristics of Elm

Cost $$$
Wood Type Hardwood
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 540 - 600
Avg. Weight Per sq/ft³ 35 lb/ft³
Use(s) carvings, toys, crates, indoor furniture
Color scale Light brown, with the heartwood darker brown depending on type of elm.
Moisture movement and Drying It only shrinks a little and it is stable once dried.

About The Elm Species

Elm trees are members of the Ulmus genus in the Ulmaceae family of plants. The most well known include the stately American elm and the slippery elm of the United States. Elm often grows 140ft tall, but rarely reach that height. They instead form an umbrella-like crown we value for shade. Elm tree wood tends to be strong, durable, and resistant to weather and rot. The heartwood ranges from a reddish brown to light tan while the sapwood is closer to an off-white. The grain is interlocked, making it very resistant to splitting. Elm is a ring porous wood like oak and ash. Thus, it has an open, coarse grain. The grain is often very irregular and wild.

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