Let's work together!

Listed below are only some of the local wood shops, artisans, and collaborators that we interact with. We strongly believe that there is enough work for all of us to thrive in this space. And in that spirit, here are the local shops and artists who we work with on a regular basis!

Wood artisan

David Hymes

David uses the idea of a “kit of parts,” stacking solid wood and multi plywood material to create forms for bases, stand alone pieces and sculpture. Using this technique, his forms and objects work in unison with unique wood slabs and the occasional glass top, thus creating a beautiful and unique collaboration of form and function.

His work has been featured in and on display in various galleries throughout the US…to include Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin, Cleveland Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. He has also been featured in multiple DC Design and Home Magazines.

Check out his work: here.

Wooden bow Ties

McCabe Lowe

McCabe is our Shop manager here at Makers Woodshop, and he also has a fantastic line of hardwood bowties that he has handcrafted. They can be found: here.


Sandtown Woodworks

Sandtown Woodworks specializes in reclaimed lumber taken from the buildings in Baltimore City. They make beautiful pieces out of old ash, oak, and other hardwoods that would otherwise find their way to the landfill. Check them out here.


Exotic Lumber

At Makers Woodshop we supply plenty of domestic hardwoods. But if you want anything exotic, this is the place to go! They have just about every type of exotic hardwood you could hope for. Check them out here.

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