Makers Wood Shop's Wide Selection of Custom Live Edge Wood Tables, Bars, and Kitchen Island Tops

Makers Wood Shop has a wide selection of live edge wood species for Wood Tables, bars and kitchen island tops. These pieces offer an ideal way to create stunning centerpieces in your home, while still taking advantage of the natural beauty of wood grain.  We use solid recycled wood which is then cut into slabs from a variety of domestic wood.   Our Live edge wood come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit any style or need.  For those looking for something more whimsical, our custom epoxy live edge table designs can truly make a statement. These custom designs offer the perfect opportunity to add your own personal touch with unique themes and colors that will liven up any room in an instant!

Regardless of what style you’re looking for, Makers Wood Shop has the perfect piece for you. Our handcrafted live edge tables, bars, and kitchen island tops will bring a timeless elegance that adds character and warmth to your home or business – all while adding natural beauty too!

Live Edge Wood Slabs

Our Live edge wood slabs are a unique and beautiful addition to any living space. Unlike traditional lumber, live edge slabs retain their natural edge and surface, giving them a rustic and organic appeal that is difficult to replicate. These slabs are typically cut from the trunk or branch of a tree, leaving the original bark and shape intact.

Wood Bar & Table Tops

Makers Woodshop specializes in custom wood bar tops, coffee tables, Restaurant tables, side tables, and more. We encourage you to discuss your vision and ideas with us. We can cut wood pieces up to 6 feet wide and fully dry any board up to 6 feet wide and 17 feet long using our IDry Vacuum Kiln.

Wood Kitchen Islands

Makers Woodshop specializes in custom wood kitchen islands. Our finish holds up to everyday use, and can be cleaned with standard kitchen cleaners and a warm wet rag. Our islands are designed to be both functional and beautiful. We use only the finest quality hardwood, and all of our work is crafted by hand. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring each piece meets your exact requirements.
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