Custom Live-edge & Epoxy River Kitchen Islands and counters

Accent your kitchen with beautiful hardwood islands and breakfast bars.
Our live edge wood is made to order from recycled, solid hardwood slabs

Since 2016

Custom Islands and counters 

Makers Woodshop specializes in custom wood kitchen islands. Our finish holds up to everyday use, and can be cleaned with standard kitchen cleaners and a warm wet rag. It is stain resistant, and is a beautiful accent against quartz and granite. We encourage you to discuss your vision and ideas with us. We can cut wood pieces up to 6 feet wide and fully dry any board up to 6 feet wide and 17 feet long using our I Dry Vacuum Kiln.


We are proud to offer delivery throughout the greater Maryland and Virginia areas. Please contact our office to determine any applicable delivery times and costs. We guarantee that your custom wood piece will arrive safe and sound, ready to be installed in your home or business. 

Backlit Kitchen Islands

One of the great aspects of having a hardwood island with an epoxy river through the middle, is that you can add LED lighting underneath and completely change the look of the Island. To the right you see a maple island we installed in a showroom in December of 2022. When unlit the island has a deep navy blue, when it’s lit from beneath it has a beautiful aquamarine glow simply from being lit. We can do that with any color you want!

Live Edge Wood.
Prepared right

All of our wood is kiln dried to under 10%. That ensures that your live edge bar, or table won’t crack or warp once it is installed. That also makes sure that any bugs that are still living in the wood are taken care of. 

Any wood that hasn’t been properly dried will most likely split, and shrink after some months indoors. Wherever you get your live edge slabs, make sure they show that they have been dried under 10% before you purchase them.

We fill all cracks and voids with epoxy prior to delivery.

How does Live edge wood hold up to kitchen use?

Makers Woodshop is committed to providing single-slab, live-edge, epoxy river islands and counters.  We have the ability to custom make any size top to fit your needs. The finish is a hard wax oil that is durable enough for using on hardwood floors, and food safe. This finish will hold up against water stains, beer, wine and other alcohol and keep its beauty for years to come.

Maintenance is simple, and only needs to be done when the finish looks worn. We offer maintenance packages.

Our Process for Custom Islands and counters

Step 1:<br>Quote

Use our online form to request a quote for your custom piece. One of our staff members will get in touch to discuss the project with you and go over pricing, delivery, and any other relevant information. 

Step 2: <br>Specs

Our team will go over the quote with you and determine how to proceed according to your vision and budget. Once approved, we will get to work on building your custom piece. 

Step 3: <br>Delivery

We will deliver your finished product to your business, home or office within the agreed-upon timeframe.  (We currently only deliver to Maryland & Virginia) We hope you enjoy your beautiful custom wood furniture piece!

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