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What to consider when choosing a live edge table

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Live edge tables are a unique and beautiful choice when it comes to furniture. Not only do they look stunning, but they also bring the outdoors inside with their rustic charm. Live edge tables have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their natural beauty and versatility. But what exactly is a live edge table?

Why are live edge tables so sought after?

A live edge table is made from wood that has been left with its natural shape and edges intact, meaning that no two pieces of wood will be exactly alike. The result is an organiclooking piece of furniture that can range from sleek and modern to rough and rustic depending on the type of wood used. This makes them perfect for both traditional homes as well as more contemporary spaces.

What types of wood is used for live edge tables?

The most common types of woods used for live edge tables include walnut, cherry, maple, oak, teak, mahogany, or even reclaimed Barnwood – each one bringing its own unique character to the finished product. Of course, you don’t have to stick with just one type – why not try combining different woods together for an eclectic look?

What to consider when choosing a live edge table?

When choosing a live edge table there are several factors you’ll need to consider such as size (do you want something small enough for two people or large enough for family gatherings?), finish (do you prefer a darker stain or lighter stain?), shape (are curved edges more your style?)and cost (how much are you willing to spend?). Ultimately it comes down to personal preference so take some time browsing through various options until you find something that speaks directly to your taste!

How should I care for my live edge table?

Once you’ve chosen your perfect piece make sure it’s properly cared for by regularly dusting off any dirt/dust particles using soft cloths/bristles; this will help preserve the life span of your new investment! Additionally applying wax every few months should keep its surface looking shiny & vibrant over time – especially if frequently exposed to direct sunlight/UV rays which can cause fading & discoloration in certain types of woods like walnut or cherry. Finally adding felt pads underneath legs prevent scratching floors while moving around the house or rearranging seating.  

If you’re looking for a woodshop to expertly craft your own of a kind live edge table, give us a call.  We make custom live edge tables and bar tops to order.  We have live edge slabs available for order whether that be finished or raw wood.  Contact us today for more information!

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